4 Mar 2019

Bergamina is also history ...

La Bergamina, was founded in the early ‘900 as “Cascina dei Bergamini”, ie farmers employed by cows and milking stables, figures of connection between the mountain agricultural economy and that of the hilly and flat stables.
It happened that during the summer the Bergamini moved transhuming towards the farms of the hill and the plain where they were planted between November 11th (S. Martino) and April 23rd (S. Giorgio), a date that marked the return of the herds to mountains.
All the stalls of the Bergamini marked the birth of the modern milk supply chains and their derivatives, until 1950.



In Milan in Piazza Fontana, behind the Duomo, there was the Bergamini forum; even today there is a way dedicated to them.
The Cascina Bergamina was autonomous, had a bread oven, and a beautiful well, but above all it owned the largest barn of Arcore, which characterized it for its uniqueness.
In 1980, the restructuring of the Bergamina begins, and the reconversion of the farmhouse, with the opening of the restaurant.
In 1990 the hotel business was added, since then in constant renewal, to become what is now the Bergamina, a 3-star hotel and a prestigious restaurant, a reference point for those seeking comfort, tranquility, and wholesome food, in an increasingly exclusive location.